Rose Hydrosol

Rose Hydrosol


Rose hydrosol is uniquely gentle, calms skin irritation, and reduces redness. At the same time, it is amazing for hydrating, softening, and rejuvenating the skin. Energetically it is soothing and nurturing for the heart.

We were lucky enough to distill this particular rose hydrosol from fresh petals growing amongst ancient Valley Oaks and nesting Red Tail Hawks in our dear friend’s beloved Ojai garden.

TYPE: 100% Rose sp. distillate

ORIGIN: Ojai Valley, CA

EFFECTS: Balances & Soothes the skin

ENERGETICS: Feeling Tenderness & Connection

AROMATICS: Floral & Sweet notes

FIELD NOTES: Steam distilled using pulp from sustainable harvested, fresh plant material and local spring water on a copper alembic still.

HOW TO USE: Generously mist the face and neck. Breath in deeply for the beneficial aromatic effects.  Follow with OO AH Serum to replenish the skin’s acid mantle protection barrier for optimal balance and vitality.

PRODUCT CARE: Our hydrosols are pure and do not have preservatives added.  They will last approximately 6-12 months if stored in dark, cool conditions.  They will degrade faster if exposed to heat of frequent temperature fluctuations. So, once you receive it, use it frequently :)

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Like our bodies, hydrosols are water-based, making them highly biocompatible, easy to absorb, gentle, and effective. As a skin tonic, their natural acidity restores the optimal pH balance of the skin. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties keep skin clear, calm redness, and reduce irritation.

Inhaling the aromatherapeutic compounds support and balance our nervous systems which leads to an increased capacity to harmonize the psyche and the body. Regular use helps ease mental tension and supports us in our efforts to overcome stress, anxiety, fear, and depression. 

Each hydrosol carries with it the spirit medicine of the specific plant, the memory of the place it was growing, and the intention with which it was created. In energetic medicine, they are utilized for invoking meditative states, cleansing stale energy, bonding people together, and connecting to our core nature.


A hydrosol is a pure plant water that contains the complete energetic and aromatic signature of a medicinal plant. These aqueous solutions preserve the most ephemeral qualities of a living plant along with a wide array of volatile medicinal compounds, setting them apart from other aromatic sprays. On a biochemical level, hydrosols contain hydrophilic plant acids, cellular plant water, and micro-drops of aromatic essential oil that are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and aroma-therapeutic. This form of preserving medicinal plants is an ancient art that has been practiced by alchemists and herbalists for four thousand years.