As a teenager growing up in San Diego, the cultural signal I got was that in order to be loved as a female, I must look effortlessly beautiful, flawless, and feminine. For me, that was like fitting a square peg in a round hole. My effort towards a standardized form of beauty took its toll on my health and I, like so many others, struggled with eating disorders and depression.

It was not until I moved to Berkeley, CA for college that I found myself in an environment that celebrated difference. It was there that I mustered the courage to sink into my queer identity and leave behind the struggle for the one size fits all idea of beauty.

During my journey of self-discovery, I found out that most beauty products marketed to women contain numerous harmful chemicals, many of which are carcinogenic. This fact confirmed for me that the beauty industry as a whole was toxic for women both mentally and physically.

In starting OO AH Alchemy, I vowed to do something differently. I realized that taking care of your skin is not solely about vanity. It’s about self-love.

When I use consciously crafted skincare, full of aromatic and energetic goodness, it is my daily ritual of loving every inch of myself. 

We all deserve to feel at home in our own skin, no matter what age, race, or gender.



OO AH Alchemy was developed out of my love of the wild and a desire to bring plant spirit medicine to my friend’s and family’s daily lives. I was inspired by the healing benefits I experienced when working with the medicinal herbs growing on the land I cared for in Ojai, CA.

In order to go deeper into my relationship with the native aromatic plants, I decided to purchase a handmade copper still in order to make hydrosols and essential oils. After the first distillation of freshly harvested Mugwort, I was hooked! I starting incorporating hydrosols into almost all aspects of my life, from skincare, to gardening, to meditation.

From there, I wanted to learn more about how to incorporate aromatics into our self-care, so I studied the craft of botanical body care from The New York School of Aromatherapy. Through many trials in order to find the perfect blends, I designed the face serums and cleanser to work together with the hydrosols. The result was a collection of skincare products truly inspired by Nature.

OO AH Alchemy is a passion project, created to share my love of the wild with the world and to offer truly conscious self-care products to my community.

For me, owning a business is a vehicle to drive the change I want to see in the world. It is an opportunity to advocate for the planet by supporting regenerative agriculture and donating to groups who fight for environmental justice.