Ancient Alchemy for Modern People


The new solution for dehydrated skin that balances, tones, and heals

all at once.

Hydrosols are healing floral waters that deliver the medicinal constituents of plants to the body/mind/spirit. Misting a hydrosol on the skin naturally balances skin pH, tones, and soothes. Hydrosols contain plant acids, cellular plant water, and micro-drops of essential oil that are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and aromatherapeutic.

Distillation on a copper alembic still is an alchemical process of transformation that captures the life force of the plant in liquid form. This unique form of preserving medicinal plants is an ancient art that has been  practiced by alchemists and herbalists for nearly four thousand years.

How can this magical liquid benefit you?  Find out about the diverse uses of hydrosols.....